About us

Education programme for schools across the UK.

The Issue

Climate change is real, and its effect can now be recorded all around the world

For things to change, the time to act is now

We believe that it is by empowering children, our future leaders of tomorrow that we can deliver the most sustainable improvement to our way of life

The Vision

Schools across the world at their best are places of learning, collaboration and creativity. Spaces where each student has the chance to envision their future, whilst being present in a safe, clean and nurturing environment. We aim to protect and empower them for a sustainable future.

Get Involved

HOPES Sustainability aims to educate young children about both the complexities of the science involved as well as motivating them to take effective, practical action in their daily lives, which will, in turn, galvanise their parents and communities to join them.


We would be delighted to involve many more schools in this collaborative initiative, so if you are a teacher, a parent, a pupil or a concerned member of a school community, please get in touch to explore how your school can join the project.

Ways to get involved


Recommend your school to take part


Donate to our crowdfunding project to support your local school


Help develop resources for schools

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"

Albert Einstein