Education programme for schools across the UK.

The Issue

Very few people, both children and adults, have any real understanding of the causes of climate change, the underlying climate science and the importance of human action to adapt our behaviours if we are to realise the Net Zero by 2050 goals.

The Vision

We aim to collaborate with all businesses and organisations that have interests and operations in sustainability to create learning resources for schools that will contribute to pupils’ understanding of the vast range of exciting activities and opportunities to influence the Carbon Zero agenda.

Get Involved

If you and/or your organisation is interested in collaborating with us and our schools, we would love to hear from you, please see the options below.

Also see the nine things you can do about climate change information provided by – Please view the pdf here

Ways to get involved


Recommend your school to take part


Donate to our crowdfunding project


Help develop resources for schools

We support all the UN's Sustainable Development Goals,

with a particular focus on education, sustainable energy and climate change.​